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Sewer Pipe Sewer Tile Folk Art Monkey with Original Paint and Stamped Superior Clay Ullrichsville Ohio

There were apparently several dozen Sewer Pipe factories in the area around Ullrichsville Ohio.  J.W. Moore comes to mind.  This piece is incised with the company stamp "Superior Clay Corp. from Ullrichsville.  Interestingly, the company stamp often indicated the maker! This piece appears to have been "Handcrafted by Phillip (Patterson)?.

PAINTED Sewer Pipe Pottery is uncommon, but this piece looks to have been, if you will, an "inventory" item, so there may be more with paint. The paint isn't just "slopped" on, it's well done. The date is unknown but is old.  Mid to early 20th Century.

Sewer Tile Monkey painted by hand.  Collection Jim Linderman