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Sewer Tile Pottery Folk Art "End of the Day" work by mastermaker Wilbur A. Baker Artist

A piece illustrated (along with others by Wilbur A. Baker) illustrated in the landmark book on Ohio Sewer Pipe Folk Art by Jack E. Adamson 1973 page.  Adamson includes a photograph of the artist, and calls him a man who was "...most of all interested in pleasing other people with clay surprises."  Adamson also claims "of all sewer pipe artists, he was the best."  

Additional documentation appears as signed by the artist on the base.  "Made by Wilbur Baker April 12 1941 Gnaudenhutten, Ohio. 

Baker used light, fine clay for this piece which resulted in a smooth sculpture much refined over most rough and primitive "end of day" pieces.  Gnadenhutten is Ohio's oldest settlement.  Native Americans made pottery there first!

Sewer Tile Pottery Holder by Wilbur A. Baker 1941 Collection Jim Linderman

Sewer Tile Primitive Match Safe End of the Day Folk Art Pottery

Massive Sewer Tile (actually BUILT on sewer tile) match safe.  Considerable age, with some embedded pebbles.  Used.  Unsigned, said to be from Pennsylvania.  Nearly 7 inches long and heavy.  A most primitive, fashioned by hand sculpture.