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Sewer Tile Factory Handmade Presidential Pipe

Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Sewer Tile Folk Art Clay Pipe c. 1900.  Dug near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Possibly from the Davis Pottery,  Doyle Pottery or Stiven Pottery works active in Grand Rapids at the turn of the century?  See clip from "History of the City of Grand Rapids"by Albert Baxyer, 1891.  Thanks and a tip "o" the hat to S.T. 

Grand Ledge Michigan Sewer Tile Head of a Man

Michigan had several clay sewer tile factories, and like the others (particularly in Ohio) their workers would take unused clay at the end of the day and make whimsical pieces of pottery for friends.  This sewer tile head (with a pile of tiles stacked ready for transport in the Real Photo Postcard) is signed on the base Curtis Rugge who was a pretty good sculptor.  See also the essay by Marsha MacDowell and Kurt Dewhurst from 1980 titled The Sewer Tile Clay Pottery of Grand Ledge, Michigan. Interestingly, they point out that Michigan drew employees from Ohio to work for them...a small rivalry, but likely also an exchange of skills and ideas for pieces like this.

Grand Ledge folk art Sewer Tile Head and Real Photo Postcard top collection Jim Linderman

Sewer Pipe Clay End of Day Ohio Grotesque Man with One Tooth Early 20th Century Folk Art Pottery Sculpture

Sewer Pipe Clay End of Day Ohio Grotesque Man with One Tooth Late 19th / Early 20th Century Folk Art Pottery Sculpture Glazed.  Likely co-worker?  Collection Jim Linderman

Sewer Tile Folk Art Pottery Bank based on King Kong (inscribed MARGIE) Mid-20th Century End of Day

14 inches tall.  Massive sewer tile pottery bank with incisions done by hand.  Inscribed "MARGIE" who would likely be the maker's daughter?  Mid-20th Century 
Collection Jim Linderman