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Antique Sewer Pipe / Sewer Tile Pottery Folk Art Frog

Large sewer tile pottery frog, ex Peter Brams, Justin Enger collection.  C. 1900.  Collection Jim Linderman

Sewer Pipe Pottery Cat

Sewer Pipe Pottery Cat Bookend (one of a pair) dated 1932.  Formed in a mold with paws incised by hand.  Collection Jim Linderman

A Highly unusual folk art concrete Jug made by S. P. Dinsmoor Outsider Artist

Not Sewer Pipe Pottery, but a folk art jug made by the outsider artist S. P. Dinsmoor.  File under some kind of related! 

Anyone who has studied American Folk / Outsider art environments is familiar with Steven Dinsmoor and his Garden of Eden.  This appears to be a less common period image. Apparently, Dinsmoor kept this handmade object at the foot of the concrete coffin he made...in case he had to grab some water. That is if he was going down instead of up.  It's hot down there.  See HERE and elsewhere for more pictures.  Let me know if you find a picture of the jug in place?  You might also enjoy the book / ebook In Situ: American Folk Art in Place by Jim Lindeman.  Available for purchase HERE on Blurb.  
Real Photo Postcard c. 1920 Collection Jim Linderman

Folk Art Bank Sewer Pipe Sewer Tile "End of the Day" sculpture pottery

A small handmade bank of sewer tile.  Rough, etched "bark" and applied clay grape clusters.  Slot for coins, but no way to remove them.  Circa 1930.  Collection Jim Linderman