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Sewer Tile Sewer Pipe Pottery Folk Art Antique Match Holder with Incised Striker

Sewer Pipe Pottery Folk Art Antique Match Holder with Incised by hand striker.  Stamped of Impressed "MATCHES" on front.  Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Sewer Tile Pottery Stoneware Lion Antique Stoneware.

A folky Sewer Tile Reclining Lion.  Large head and mane, short body.  No marks, origin unknown.  Early 20th Century collection Jim Linderman

Sewer Tile Pottery End of the Day Match Holder Tree Stump Ohio Antique

A rudimentary handmade sewer tile match holder.  Primitive.  It is surprising to see the company stamp "Armstrong Sewer Pipe Cincinnati" on the base.  Normally, identified pieces have a bit more style.  Unusual amateur adaption of a common sewer tile motif.

Collection Jim Linderman

DEVIL Sewer Pipe Sewer Tile End of the Day Folk Art Devil 19th Century Antique

A very old folk art devil missing his horns.  This piece has rolled around and been kicked for a century!  Not only are the horns broken off, but every "high point" has been worn off and the glaze missing.  The author knows of no more than four examples of sewer tile pottery of the devil and all have lost their horns.  It is interesting to consider the devil is a common motif of face jug makers past and present...but few sewer tile pieces exist.  

19th Century Folk Art Sewer Tile Devil c. 1890 - 1920.  Collection Jim Linderman