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Cannelton Sewer Pipe Company Decorative Ashtray from Frankoma

Cannelton Sewer Pipe Company was founded in 1906 by Henry Clemens in Cannelton Indiana.  They mined clay "from the hill east of Eighth Street" according to company history.  The company lasted some 50 years, until being purchased by an industrial conglomerate called Harsco.  They ran the operation for another few decades, but sold the operation when there were only 20 employees left in 1982.  It is now known as Can Clay and still producing some clay products.  They were known to make some "end of the day" pieces, including a drinking cup with an incised Indian Chief on the piece.

Interestingly, for promotional purposes, the company turned to Frankoma pottery for the decorative ashtray in "prairie green" above.  Likely from the late 1950s, it was created in the "Frankoma 458 series.  

Frankoma Cannelton Sewer Pipe Ashtray with Sewer Pipe raised portion.  Circa 1950 - 1960 Collection Jim Linderman