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Tile Kiln

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Sewer Tile Sewer Pipe end of day Match Holder Uhrichsville Ohio and RPPC

Match Holder with striker?  Tree bark surface with monolith (match striker?) 
Circa 1920 Collection Jim Linderman

A similar piece shown in Illustrated Handbook of Ohio Sewer Pipe Folk Art (1973) by Jack Adamson.  His book is the most comprehensive source for Sewer Pipe sculpture.

J. W. Moore was in charge of the dig apparently. Diamond Clay was the name of the company, and related to American Sewer Pipe Company.  Several dozen plants operated in the area. Mr. Moore was also involved with the Triangle Clay Company.

Here, a Real Photo Postcard shows clay miners of the area (organized into the Federal Union of Clay Miners Chapter 9985 marching on Labor Day Collection Jim Linderman